Chapati / Pathri Making Machine

chapati_and_pathri_making_machineChapati / Pathri Making Machine Sheeter Type manufacture Coimbatore, India

The Chapati / Pathri dough prepared by mixing flour and water by the Separate mixer machine, then dough is fed to the machine hopper manually and then the dough sheet is form by the four rollers set and pass to die cutting unit, here in this unit the exact round shape is cut from the sheet, the rest part the further pass to gauge roller set to adjust the thickness of chapati / pathri and further of dough is recycled by Recycling Conveyor and then further pass to oven for baking and puffing Process.


  • Compact Size
  • Extremely Simple Mechanism and User Friendly Control Interface
  • Robust Construction & Minimum Maintenance
  • Highly Economical